lissy 2

the problem here is you,an many others have been out done and left in the dust by lissy,now lizzy. come back and give her a run for her money. sparkyjay kicked her azz one nite.lissy knew she had been beat and did not even try. you  can and should do the same,wcc is dying. its up to u and ur fem friends too save it. im not downin u ,just sayin time to put up

  You really are a dumbass eh? She is a cam whore. We all know it. But there is nothing about wcc I want save. As a matter of fact, i would love nothing more then to see it get shut down. As for lissy, she can slut it up on there. I don’t give a damn, but i refuses to EVER be compared to her. I will never judge the girl. If she wants to show all she has to offer to a bunch of pervs then thats her choice but it is not mine. And you seem like a sexist pig to me. I mean you are talking about not just her but women like we are merely here for your entertainment. I just want you to think next time that you see lissy (or any other girl on cam) that that is someones either daughter, or mother, or sister. How would you feel if men were talking about someone in your family like they were nothing more then something to watch? to fap over? Although I may not like her, she does not deserve to be talked about like that. End of story.


you may dislike lissy,but there is no dout that she is the best thing that ever happend to wcc.if it was not for her it would not stayed running as long as it has.recently lissy/elvis crashed wcc with their perfomance.instead of bitchin about her why dont u come on and out do her and show her your the queen of wcc.then you will have bragin rights.  see you on wcc,incubus

LOL at this being sent to me… homeboy please. I understand you are stuck up her ass and you want to be that pie she shoved in her vaginal but guess what? I don’t care. I don’t like her. Deal with it. And otherwise don’t view my blog. Easy enough eh? I think so. Sillah kids… when will you learn that I’m not bitching, I am just telling it like it is.. So get the fuck over it… mkay thanks :D

P.S. the best thing that ever happened to WCC would be the day it started.. i think about it…. if it wasn’t for a lot of us form the beginning there wouldn’t be a site for her to slut around on..

oh and you won’t see me on WCC because i am perma banned for calling Joel oh i mean damn.. what was his chat name… Rawkstar? fuck i don’t know.. but for calling him a cocking sucking pedo.. so yeah no desire to be there even if i wasn’t banned. on a new site that is a bomb diggity <3

Smallazn&amp;20mUKMod: Every night I&#8217;m here at the apartment I wanna like Rape you in thanksMandiSunshine: oh bb thats best kind of rapeSmallazn&amp;20mUKMod: It&#8217;s not rape if I say surpriseee&#8230;with jazz hands!POW POW

Smallazn&20mUKMod: Every night I’m here at the apartment I wanna like Rape you in thanksMandiSunshine: oh bb thats best kind of rapeSmallazn&20mUKMod: It’s not rape if I say surpriseee…with jazz hands!POW POW

And the winner is…….

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fuck yall too

So you know chat was booming today with like 130ish people.. isn’t that awesome? i thought it was too till lissy (and yes im going to call people out so go choke on a cock if you dont like it) decided she was more important then any of the girls that helped get people to wcc in the first place.. i mean honestly Me, DJ, Smallz, Rocker, etc. we have done a lot of umm stuff for that site and for some camwhore who comes on and just says oh i want attention blah blah blah to say that she makes the site and is the only reason its popular is a load of fucking bull shit… so i mean i think if you want to view that whore you go for it that is fucking fine with me but don’t be talking to me because today pushed me over the edge.. im a bit pissed about the shit that just went down… i mean there are 38729847231 other sites i could go to but i decide to come to wcc because i know people and for a new chick to come and say shit like that is just fucking ridiculous.. end of fucking story

so stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT..

P.S. if you don’t like what i say… guess what?  i don’t give a fuck!

toocool im under the bed — david t
20mUKMod: Welcoe ftw — Welcome is no longer… it is now Welcoe because its fuckin awesome k thanks :D

i swear he isn’t a 12 year old girl…

and yes with a title like that it can only mean one thing… ALEX (aka 20mUK No Mod formally known as 20mUKMod and 20mUK) talked on cam and he is not a 12 year old or he doesn’t sound like one as i had assumed and mildly anticipated him to…

hookah and hooker… enough said

man alex im just going to tell you that EVERYTHING you say thus far has made me laugh so fuckin hard..

20mUK No Mod: Chingblacknese


Stoner: lmao
i think im chinglinese then

i am loving this conversation… its amazing to say the least and i think this is me working up to big blogs again… so

THE END :D for now i think

oh the joys of chat :D

smallazn: If I weren’t saving for Alex, I’d seriously buy a vibrator for llike.. every regular girl in here
shit’s amazing

man how i have missed the site since it has been down… damn we are just talking about old time and i was laughing so hard… oh the memories. but anyways let me rant since i can’t be censored bahahaha

1) wcc is fuckin awesome

2) don’t waste your time trying to be like wcc because you can’t (<—- @ other chat sites)

3) yes i understand chat has been down but don’t be a prick…

4) why would you go else where? (i will be waiting on a explanation of that one)

5) damn i missed you guys

<33333 @ mah regs